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Top team at Faculty of Arts, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava

Historical Sciences in the Central European context 

Team leader: prof.  RNDr. Peter Chrastina, PhD. (historical geography) peter.chrastina(zav.)ucm.sk
Team members: prof. PhDr. Pavol Tišliar, PhD. (historical demography) pavol.tisliar(zav.)ucm.sk 
doc. Mgr. Michal Habaj, PhD. (antiquity) michal.habaj(zav.)ucm.sk

The team focuses on the study, analysis and interpretation of written, cartographic, pictorial and material sources in the context of Central European history, which have not yet been properly discussed and adequately interpreted in Slovak historical science. The research in question is in line with the contexts and part of modern scientific research on this issue in Central Europe. The work of the research team promotes interdisciplinarity in research into the history of human society.

More information about the team can be found here

Prof. Peter Chrastina autorom expozície v Múzeu skla (Sinteu/Nová Huta, Rumunsko) 
Špičkoví slovenskí a českí historickí geografi na pôde FF UCM 
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